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Running of Bulls

October is a great month for a fishing adventure. The cooler temps and flood tides provide all types of options when it comes to fishing. During October the big breed stock redfish congregate in the St Johns river to spawn which gives anglers a unique opportunity of catching a fish of a life time. Some of these redfish can push 50" in length and 40 plus pounds. Since these fish are the breed stock that create our redfish resource a great deal of care is taken while catching a releasing these great fish. We want to be sure every fish is released healthy and lives to breed again!

The flood tides provide an addition way of chasing and catching slot size fish in a visual way. During the flood tides redfish access flats that are normally dry and feast on crabs, snails and other creatures. While feeding in the shallow flat the fish tip up and their tails are exposed making them visible. There is an adrenaline rush when you spot a redfish tail and only happens a few days a year.

With the mullet run starting to pick up the flounder are also gathering along the shore line looking to get in on the mullet run too. Flounder are another reliable and tasty option to target during October.


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